Saturday, November 13, 2010

What have we been doing?

I haven't blogged for a while and feel really bad about it. I always think I need to write a story about how we are doing. So until I have a few extra minutes to blog....I am going to post a few pictures and just say that we are doing wonderful!

We relax with Tata in the backyard!
We go to gymnastics every Saturday and love it
We have been playing in the backyard! Swinging swinging and more swinging!
We hiked with Scooter through the woods!
We visited Lina so she could meet the little blessing she helped us bring home!


  1. Don't feel guilty- you're busy being a mommy! The girls look awesome and look like they have adjusted really well. Backyards, and gymnastics, and puppy dogs- how fun!

  2. It sounds like Life if Good at the Macioce's house! I hope 2011 continues for you all on such a happy note!

  3. I agree! Never be guilty about not posting! Just post lots of pictures when you finally do - Ha!!! We are here if you need us! I think I want to buy a hammock!! Just have fun!


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