Wednesday, July 12, 2017

First Thanksgiving and first time to Florida!

A visit with Santa at the end of the Polar Express Experience at Sea World
A visit with Shamu at Sea World
Patrycja loved going under water!
Karolina getting used to the water
We went to Florida for Thanksgiving and the girls went swimming for the very first time!

An Amazing Thanksgiving

I know it is been a while since I have posted. However, I wanted to share our very special Thanksgiving. Many of you know that our girls were cared for by a loving family before they became ours. They lived with the same family for four years, needless to say it was very hard when the girls left them to come to the US. Vito promised them 2 things-first he would always take care of these little girls and that he would one day fly the foster family to the US so they could see where the girls were living.
Over Thanksgiving we had 10 wonderful days to share with the girls foster parents. It was so special for all of us. I feel like it gave cokta and wyuk some peace seeing that the girls are being well taken care of, loved, and blossoming. At one point during dinner Karolina turned to me and told me she was so thankful we were all together. Vito and I really enjoyed showing them the US. They had so many firsts. First plane ride, first time in a hotel, first time to see fireworks, first time on a roller coster and the first time to see the ocean. We know they enjoyed seeing everything when we helped them save the 5000 pictures they took. We spent some time at home, I cooked them a traditional Thanksgiving dinner, they visited the girls at school and the highlight of their stay was a side trip to Florida. We spent a day at the Magic Kingdom and a couple of days at Sea World. It was a special 10 days that will live in our hearts forever. Of course Vito made another promise....that we would meet again at their home!

On a side note....even though I have not posted FOREVER, I am constantly checking everyone blogs and am friend with many families on Facebook. I am so happy that Heidi and her family are leaving a in a couple of days. We are also alway praying for those who are waiting and having struggles right now in the adoption world. For any new people reading this blog please send me a message so I can follow your story.

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