Monday, June 28, 2010

We were showered!

We feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends who hosted a fabulous shower for us last weekend. We have only lived here for a couple of years and was so touched that so many people who we have not know us for very long spoiled us and the girls. Vito's mother, sister and her family live nearby so we even had a few family members in attendance.
Amanda and Paige (the fabulous hostess's) made the cutest invitations, wonderful food, and even had some pictures of the girls around. Every detail was so thoughtful.
The girls now some new clothes to wear, kid friendly shampoo, cute barrettes and headbands, new dishes to eat with, and new piggy banks to save their money in. I don't think we will need another book for a long time and we have all sorts of new games we can play with the girls. They each now have a bike to ride around the neighborhood, new sleeping bags to use camping, personalized beach towels to take to the beach and toys galore to play with. They will each have their own necklace with an initial charm-we will give these to them before we go to court.
We even received a pirogue maker with all of the ingredients and private pirogue making lessons from some friends. I will get the freezer stocked up before we leave!
What a wonderful evening spent with wonderful people who showered us and the girls with so much love! We can't wait for the girls to meet them all!

Oodles and oodles of gifts!

Amanda lamented cute little posters with picture of the important things we need to tell the girls. These will definitely be going to Poland with us!

Little girl stuff is so cute and fun!

We are going to have fun camping and having tea parties!

A new princess bike!

Piggy banks to help teach the girls how to save!

Us with our lovely hostesses! Paige and Amanda-you guys are the best!

A cake with the girls initials!....yummy and oh so cute

Ingredients for the pirogues

What a great night!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Our gift to the girls!

If you would of asked us if we were going to get a playset for the girls before we met them...we would have said no. But after spending 2 days with them we quickly changed our minds. They love being outside running, swinging and playing. So instead of spending money on a lot of little things we decided our gift to them would be a playset for the backyard. We want them to continue to enjoy playing outside. We took some pictures of us playing on it to email them.

We sent a little package to them a few weeks ago. It finally made it there yesterday. Their foster father told us the little one uses her new pink princess play cellphone to call us and ask when we are coming. I wish I could call her little pink phone and tell her we'll be there tomorrow. Hopefully soon! He also email us a couple of pictures of the girls navigating his computer looking at all of the pictures we have sent them. He said they insist on looking at them everyday!

As for any update....Our I-800 is safe and sound in Lees Summit, MO. Hopefully it contains everything they need and we will have an approval very soon!

Monday, June 7, 2010

I-800 out the door

Our I-800 is officially complete and out the door. Hopefully it will be on our officers desk this week. While we wait for our approval we are just doing all we can to be ready to go. I want to be prepared so if they say you need to be there tomorrow we are ready to go. I am officially on my summer break so I have a lot of time to make sure everything is ready for when they come home. I am stepping up the Polish lessons, finishing some books on international adoption and getting their room ready. I sent them a little care package today...thanks to our neighbor Caroline the girls should be wearing their first sillyband in about 2 weeks when the package arrives! We figured it isn't too early to start them on some of those crazy American fads. I also went to our neighborhood pool tonight (for the first time) to take pictures to email them. I told Vito tonight that come summer, the girls and I will be at the pool everyday :)

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