Saturday, November 21, 2009

The bright side after a few steps back

Last week we had a few glitches. Vito's Pennsylvania child abuse clearance form came back because they needed more info (they wanted to know every place he had ever lived and every person he had lived with since 1975.) Who knew. We provided the info and sent it back, hopefully the various college roomates he lived with years ago are upstanding, honest citizens now.
I had to have my medical papers redone (Dr. forgot to mark no to Wassermans, and Vito asked if I had something to tell him....I am clean and the Dr. fixed it :-)) Picked them up and shipped them off to be apostilled...again.
I decided to call the FBI to find out where our long over due clearance records were. They were yet to even be entered in the system. I asked if there was anyway they could expedite them. She asked what they were for, and when I told her our international adoption she said she would find out where they were. The next day (Friday night at 7pm) we received a call from the FBI to tell me they found them and would start processing them that night. Needless to say we received them the following week. Again...both clean. Yeah for the FBI!
Our last glitch was the state of MA refusing to apostille Vito's work verification because the notary did not use the "official notary language". We called the state to get specific requirements and then called to get a new letter. We are just waiting for that one to come in the mail.
On the bright side, we had another meeting with Erin, our social worker. We went over the homestudy she had written, handed over many documents, and went over financial info. She works side by side with the agency and I must say they have been really great to work with so far. We were able to meet in Lina's office and see her wall of pictures of all of the beautiful children that she was apart of adopting. The only thing we are waiting on to complete our homestudy is the child abuse clearance documents from the former states we have lived in.
Our social worker loaned us this movie called "5000 miles". It is a documentary about a couple who adopts a child from Poland. I highly recommend it for those of you who are adopting! It was really neat to see their experience and I have to admit many tears were shed.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Polish Festival and the Beach

Part of adopting from Poland, is a promise to teach the child about their birth country. We were fortunate to find a Polish Festival, this past weekend, in Castle Hayne, NC. We thought this would be a great place for us to learn a little more about Polish culture. The festival was a lot of fun, people were dressed up, there was a Polish band, and of course we ate a lot of Polish food. Since we were close to the beach we decided to spend the weekend there. We drove over to Wrightsville beach to let Scooter swim. We camped at Carolina Beach State Park (we camped there last summer and really liked it.) We spent the next day exploring Cape Fear and took a ferry from Fort Fisher to Southport. It turned out to be a great weekend....a taste of Poland, a walk along the beach, and a ferry ride all under a beautiful North Carolina blue sky!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Making progress

This week we received Vito's birth certificate notarized by the county of New York. Within minutes of receiving the Fedex we put it back in another Fedex back to NY State to verify the City and County stamps. We also both had our medical exams today (just need to wait for the TB results this Friday, but so far no swollen forearms!) Tonight we will fill out child abuse clearance forms and send them to the following states. Colorado, Utah, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Alaska. We have to be cleared in every state we have lived in since we were 18 no matter how short of a period (hence Alaska, where I only lived for a couple of months). Fortunately, we don't have to come up with too many old addresses. I would have a a hard time with that since I have moved so much. Everything seems to be as good as expected...the only exception is our clearance of fingerprints from the FBI. We sent those in almost a month ago and they said it would only take 3 weeks. I am concerned because I just read another couples blog who's fingerprints could not be read by the FBI, so they have to start over. We hope the girl that took our fingerprints knew what she was doing. On a positive note, one of our blog friends just got a travel date to meet their 1 and 4 year old in Poland. That made our day!

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