Monday, May 31, 2010

Almost.....I-800 and girls room!

Currently we are waiting to file our I-800. (Petition to Classify Convention Adoptee as an Immediate Relative) An application is filled out for each girl and along with the application we have to include the following documents in Polish and English. Birth certificates, termination of parental rights, approval from the Polish central authority and a statement from our agency stating that everything is true and correct, and the girls social and medical history. We have everything except for the girls medical in Polish. Hopefully we will have it this week.
We also had to send it the I-864 (Affidavit of Support)...this proves that we can financially take care of the girls and that won't become wards of the state. This form was a little confusing because it is not geared towards adopting but rather for the people who are sponsoring an adult relative to come the US. I was told this was implemented for adoption because of the Hague.

In the meantime we are keeping busy getting ready for their arrival. Their room is almost complete...just needs a few more decorations. Since they have always slept in the same room and pretty much the same bed, we decided to keep them in the same room for the time being. Of course the question is who gets the top bunk? Their foster father informed us yesterday that the younger one told him she gets the top bunk. (and if you knew her, that comment is not surprising at all) We thought we would let the older one choose...what do you all think?

We were able to Skype with the girls yesterday. The week before they asked if we had toothbrushes for them (of course we didn't)...but this week when they asked if we had toothbrushes we were able to show them Dinsey Princess toothbrushes and toothpaste. I even bought them some Strawberry Shortcake Band-aids. Of course they wanted to see their clothes again and toys again.

Hopefully we will have some more news to post this week!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Love Skype

We got to Skype with the girls both last Sunday and today. It was wonderful! Even though we can't fully communicate with them it is wonderful to see them and good for them to see us. They always ask to see Scooter and then they just want to see things around the house. Last week they asked to see our toys. Well, we don't have many toys yet so to improvise we showed them Scooters toys. After we hung up tata ran over to Toys R' Us and bought them a Disney Princess indoor tent and a few other toys. So today we were able to show them the tent, they seemed to love it. We showed them their room which is painted....but that is it. Hopefully the furniture will be here in 2 weeks so we can show them then.
The foster father told us today that now when the foster mother asks them to clean their room, the younger one says "I don't have to because this is not my house, my house is in the USA" She is a very smart little girl.
While it is so wonderful to talk to them and we wouldn't trade it for the is hard when the foster father tells us they ask everyday when we are coming back and that when they see an airplane they ask if we are on the plane!
After the first Skype, prayers quickly changed from "please help us get to Poland as quickly as possible because we want to be with the girls" to "please watch over the girls and let them know we will be there as soon as we can"
We are hoping to the get the paperwork in the next day or two so we can file our I-800.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Home 1 week

I can't believe it has already been one week since we returned home from Poland. After we landed last Sunday, we went to the car to repack Vito's suitcase and then I dropped him off for a flight to Florida. He came home for one night and back out for a few more days. I went to work on Monday....don't know how I made it through it. The first part of the week is kind of a blur. I think I am finally back on track.
I was reminded that now comes the time to practice patience. So since there is nothing I can do right now (adoption paperwork wise) I found other ways to keep myself busy. I painted the girls room and started painting the playroom. I went to several different stores looking for Disney balls the girls love, but had no luck. I bought them each two outfits and when Vito got home we went shopping for bedding, curtains, and some other fun stuff!

While all of this was fun...the best part of the week was an email from the girls foster parent. We emailed a couple of pictures of us in the house. We wanted the girls to see where we eat and where we cook meals. He emailed us back and said they were so excited and the younger one said she will run and play in the yard and the older one said she wants to come right now. They asked if we had toys, books, and clothes. He asked what they wanted tell us, and they said "we love you mum and papa" The younger one also recognized Scooter in one of the pictures and remembered his name. So this was why I immediately went out to buy some clothes. I wanted to send them a picture. I also want to send them a picture of their room(of course that will be a few more weeks.)

I have a question for your all....did any of you make a "life book" or some sort of memory book for your child? I want to do something and need some ideas. I used to scrapebook a little, but I am just afraid I don't have the time. I was thinking of doing something digital. Any ideas. Also we were asked not to post any pictures of the girls yet...but if any of you would like to see some pictures, I would love to send them your way. Just send me your email!

Backpacks we left with the girls on our last visit! They loved them!

Picture of the clothes I emailed them!

Picture of the clothes I emailed them!

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