Monday, February 1, 2010

I-797 made it through the big snow storm of 2010!

We are so excited as our I-797 (USCIS) approval notice made it today in spite of the 2010 snowstorm (Ramie had a snow day this is rare in the South!) We are actually in shock as we thought it would take closer to 3 months. We even had a minor glitch with the homestudy, (we received the dreaded pink slip) but it was taken care of by our agency within days. Our fingerprint appointment last week was very uneventful, but nice to get out of the way! When our agency congratulated us on facebook for being approved we held off celebrating until we received the official form today. We plan to get this on its way to be apostilled as soon as possible. We also fedex'd 28 documents to the South Carolina Secretary of State to be apostilled today. I love days like this when something exciting makes the whole thing feel real!

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