Wednesday, November 10, 2010

First day home

Once again I am still behind....trying to get caught up! I wanted to share some photos of their first day home!
We arrived in Charlotte at 9:30 local time. Vito was waiting at the airport with a rose for each of us. They were a little sleepy but pepped right up when they saw tata and then they were wide awake when we got to the car to meet Scooter for the first time. He was hugged and kissed over and over and told "I love you" about 20 times. When we got home they thanked us for Scooter about 30 times. Even though it was 3am their time they ran around the house looking at everything thanking us over and over again. They finally feel asleep around 11:30pm local time. The next day was filled with exploring the house more. Putting on the princess dresses we had bought for them, riding their bikes and scooters and playing with the neighborhood kids. Oma (Vito's mom) came over to meet the girls. Of course she got a warm greeting from them, they are such warm and loving girls. They played with oma, she sang to them, we had lunch together and just spent some time getting to know one another. After she left we went practiced quiet time. The girls had to either look at books or do puzzles in their princess tent. It was suppose to be 30 minutes....but was more like 10. I guess we have to start somewhere. Then it was time to put on the princess dresses on for Halloween and let me tell you that was the most exciting thing ever. We went to a neighbors house for pizza and then off to trick or treat. The girls had such a great time. Thanks Caroline and Everett for being such good friends and teaching them how to say trick or treat! A couple of time I walked up to the door with the girls and when they they were asked who they were dressed as...they would just tell them their names. It was priceless.

Patrycja giving Scooter his first big hug!

Had to try on the dresses before bed the first night!

Scooter coming to say good night :)

Finally we don't have to play outside without the girls anymore!
Trick or treating with Caroline and Everett.


  1. I love the picture with Scooter saying good night! What great memories from the first nights home with your daughters!

  2. SO CUTE RAMIE!! Thanks for sharing. Your girls just sound more and more lovely with every story you tell!

  3. Just absolutely adorable! What did they think about all the candy!!

  4. I'm so glad they hugged Scooter right away! These pictures are so great! I hear their cute little voices in my head when I look at the pics. I hope they are loving school!

  5. What a joy to see the entire family together!

    I am not sure how good is your polish, or if you have anyone who can help you with translation if needed, but if you need any help please feel free to contact me

  6. Ramie, how awesome! I love the pics and story of how the girls felt meeting Scooter- so sweet. He is going to be spoiled by them and will love every minute of it I bet. And Halloween must have been the BEST for them! So happy for you all and glad to see they are doing fantastic. Yay!

  7. Ramie, I just love the pictures. How sweet that Scooter was there to meet them at the airport and tell them good night in their bed the first night. What a homecoming! It sounds like they had a wonderful first couple of days home!! I am so happy for all of you.


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