Sunday, November 7, 2010

On our way home

I know that we have been home for over a week now....however I wanted to share some of the precious pictures I took on our way home. Considering the circumstances.....10 hour flight, 3 hour layover and another 1 1/2 hour flight to Charlotte.....the girls did great and we made it home safe and sound.

Getting ready for our first flight.....10 hours from Warsaw to Chicago!

Running off the plane! First time in America!

Us with our bags....the girls were the best helpers ever!

Passports are stamped.....girls are officially citizens!

Looking at our plane in Chicago!


  1. What cute girls!! Welcome home!!

  2. Such sweet pictures! I'm beyond happy for your new family.

  3. What troopers! and what an adventure for them. I love how they hold each other's hands - super cute. Welcome Home!!

  4. Beautiful pictures Ramie! I am so happy for you and your family!


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