Monday, July 12, 2010

Taking it day by day!

I don't have a whole lot to report on right now. Getting our I-800's approved has been our greatest challenge yet. I will write more about our experience once we have our approvals....for now we are just taking it day by day-knowing that as each day passes we are one step closer to bringing our girls home. Meanwhile we are keeping busy with life. We were able to go camping last weekend which was wonderful and relaxing. We are not to fond of the North Carolina heat so going up to the mountains where we can have a fire at night is wonderful. I even wore a sweatshirt!
Vito had a birthday last week so I surprised him with drawings from the girls. The foster father was kind enough to scan the drawings so I could print them for him! He said it was his best gift-and I believe him. I also bought him a gift from the girls. Princess camping chairs.....I know he would rather have a boat....but for now the chairs will have to do. (maybe next year for the boat)
We are still able to Skype with the girls every Sunday, which we look forward to each week. This week they showed us framed pictures of us with them. They were so excited shoving them in the camera. We also watched the foster mother carry the younger one to bed as she cried for us :( It breaks our heart. We do our best to let them know that it is all going to work out....that it just takes time. We are certain of this, so we pray for the family and the girls that they may have peace right now as we wait to go to Poland.
Before beginning this process we were given some advice. We were told that is it not for the "faint at heart" boy is that true. We were also told we needed to be flexible, give up a lot of control and except the unexpected. It all makes sense to us now!

Scooter never likes to be left!
The sun peaking through on the Blue Ridge Mountains

Scooter in a field of wild flowers

We had a photo contest....Vito won

Vito with his best birthday present. Drawings from the girls!

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